I have been a hobbyist games develloper for several years now with projects always going on in the background of my life.

Ludum dare

I participated in Ludum dare 44 with a close friend from university which resulted in the first game either of us had ever publically released! The theme of the Jam was ‘your life is currency’ and we created a resource management rpg which involved making pacts with demons in exchange for your own body parts, blood and life force. The game can be found here:

bnb 666 combat

For our first ever release we were very proud of the results. Of 1800 entries we were ranked overall in the top 3rd with our best result placing 263rd for humour. The full results can be seen here:


My most significant ongoing project over the last year and a half is Cabal – a cyberpunk resource management card game that was my group project for my final year studying computer science at the university of Kent.

I and 3 fellow computer scientists have been laboring over this project extensively in our free time, hoping to release it in a beta form some time in 2020.

cabal’s lush main menu

Even thus far the project has been very successful – we were awarded the computer science project prize as our project earnt the highest marks in our year group for the computer science final year project. An achievement we are all very proud of.