I recently achieved a few significant milestone as I recieved my degree for computer science with a year in industry achieving first class honours. My studies at Kent were a true joy being able to research a topic I was really invested in to great depth studying artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography and some hench mathematics.

My year in industry was also a very formative period as I was a game developer for Feral interactive and was involved in the development of Rome: Total War for iOS, as well as develloping in house automation tools. I learnt a great deal about the realities of working in game development and as part of a team in the workplace.

my first class computer science degree

Computer science project prize

As you can read more about in my game development section I have spent a great deal of time working on Cabal, a cyberpunk digital card game as my final year project with three close friends. We were overjoyed to learn that our project had achieved the highest marks in the peer group and as such at the university leaving ceremony we recieved certificates and cheques for our distinguished performance.

the prize for my final year cabal project achieving the highest marks in the year group